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e-Systems Group

Custom racks, consoles, quantum air tile, virtual air containment, CFS product manager checklist, data center and console cleaning services, and RFID labeling services.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies – 250 VA – 1,100 kVA, Modular, Parallelable, and Stand Alone Units - Eaton UPS for use with personal computers and workstations, rack servers, data storage, storage systems, VoIP equipment, network equipment, large data centers, facilities, electrical engineering infrastructure and other critical IT applications, providing clean, uninterrupted power, with scalable battery runtimes.

PDU’s, ePDU’s, Rack PDU’s, and RPP’s – Eaton’s Floor based Power Distribution Units, Transfer Switches, Remote Power Panels and Racks for the best UPS power protection infrastructure. Eaton ePDUs are enclosure power distribution units. Designed to provide you with a high quality solution for your power distribution needs, ePDUs provide advanced technologies including manageability, monitoring, and automatic transfer switching.

Foreseer – Eaton’s Foreseer monitors and proactively manages enterprise-wide mission-critical infrastructure equipment, including thousands of power, environmental, and life/safety devices. Distributed, scalable architecture tailored to organizational needs, manageable from a single location or from a disaster recovery location.

Pow-R-Flex Busway – Flexible and Versatile Busway based power distribution, for critical sites.

Harmonics Limited

SysteMax - 30kVA to 1,000kVA - Vendor Neutral for Existing Transformers – Zig-zag & K-rated TransMax – SysteMax with Transformer.


Leak Detection for Acids, Bases, Solvents, Hydrocarbons & Water-based Liquids.

Pioneeer Power Solutions

Automatic Transfer Switches: LV thru 5000 amps, UL 1008, MV 1200-4000 amps.

Generator Paralleling Switchgear thru 35kV, UL 891 and 1558.

Thor Systems

Thor Systems Surge Suppression Devices/Transient Voltage Surge Suppression. UL 1449 3rd Edition for Service Entrance and Branch Panels.