About Us

Who We Serve
LCT Solutions provides industry-leading power quality solutions, products and services to the medical, educational, telecommunications, co-location facilities, financial, transportation, utilities, oil & gas and industrial markets.

What We Do
We are a manufacturer’s representative with a proven background in providing technical expertise and support for mission critical applications. Our engineers, and account managers are trained to deliver product and application expertise by analyzing client's unique needs for reliability, efficiency, and life-cycle cost.

Products and Service We Offer
The products and services we represent are:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies with batteries or DC flywheels

  • Digital Static Transfer Switches

  • Power Distribution Units

  • Remote Power Panels

  • Surge Suppression Devices

  • Water, Fuel and Hydrocarbon Leak Detection

  • Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM)

  • Branch Circuit Monitoring

  • Battery Monitoring

  • Integrated Packages of UPS, Generators, ATS, etc.

  • Maintenance Agreements/PMs/Battery Replacements

Vision and Values
LCT Solutions’ mission is to provide our customers around the world with innovative technologies, exceptional products and high quality services. We strive to build a strong relationship with our customers by being attentive to detail and delivering on promises.

Our vision is to positively impact our clients by delivering superior solutions.

Our core values are shared among all LCT employees. These values drive our culture and priorities and provide a framework in which decisions are made.

  1. Customers First

  2. Integrity

  3. Leading-edge Technology

  4. Skilled & Knowledgeable Personnel in products and applications

LCT Solutions is comprised of talented individuals with an extensive industry knowledge base. We encourage our associates to maintain memberships in various trade organizations including: 7x24, AFCOM, NSPE, ASHRAE and many others. Participation in these organizations keeps our associates on the forefront of technology and engaged in the industry.