LCT Solutions, Inc. is a Texas based manufacturer’s representative firm providing electrical and mechanical equipment for mission critical applications requiring reliable power and constant uptime.

We work with end users, consulting engineers, contractors, and distributors to provide power quality solutions for hospitals, telecommunications, financial institutions, petrochemical processes and educational facilities.

Upcoming Events:

You’ll learn about the industry’s best power quality solutions and discuss related topics of interest – avoiding downtime, energy-efficient UPS technology, effective power distribution, data center trends and more – with our Eaton team.


Did you know that we provide resources for K-12 students and teachers, as well as parents, as part of our International Data Center Day initiative? From information on Data Centers, to drawing and short story projects, be sure to let a #STEM educator know! hashtag#intldatacenterday

Data Center 101 is designed to educate students about the infrastructure, technology and operations of a data center and illustrate future career opportunities in the mission critical industry.