PermAlert  offers several state-of-the-art leak detection systems to satisfy the requirements for a variety of applications. 

The PAL-AT system monitors a sensor string of cable and/or probes to detect and locate liquid leakage.  The PAL-AT panel automatically resets on leak alarms allowing continuous monitoring of the sensor string with the alarm queue requiring operator reset to clear the panel from alarm mode.   

The LiquidWatch system monitors up to 64 probe points for tanks, low points, sumps and other applications. 

The FluidWatch system can monitor small areas with sensor cable allowing detection of water in a server closet, around a CRAC/H unit or other small area. 

When monitoring systems that are not in close proximity to your control center or office, don’t forget to ask about “Palcom Software” which allows you to monitor your critical leak detection system remotely and our GLS (Graphic Locator System) that displays the location of a leak on a CAD drawing.

PermAlert's PAL-AT Liquid Leak Detection system works on impedance-based cable measurement - TDR Sensing Technology related to sonar and radar. By sending energy pulses down a cable and measuring the reflected energy, PAL-AT creates and stores a map of the cable and monitors it for change. When change occurs the type of alarm and its location is displayed on the panel.

PAL-AT uses coaxial and twisted-pair cables and probes to monitor for liquid leakage. The system can detect and locate leaks, breaks and shorts on the sensor cable as well as probe activations.